Afghanistan Women’s Football Team Makes It to Australia

Afghanistan Women's Football Team Makes It to Australia

How Afghanistan women’s football teammade it to Australia – A Day in the Life

The first women’s football team from Afghanistan, which took international football by storm and is now considered as one of the greatest teams in the world, have made it to Australia for the first time.

The team, known as “The Women of Afghanistan” due to their strong female participation in the sport, are now in the process of being trained by the Australian Defence Force.

An Afghan women’s football team taking part in a tournament in Kabul

After the team made it to Australia, they took on a training camp for three weeks before they played their first match against Japan in Perth on Saturday.

The team lost the match 6-1 and was considered to not be the strongest side in the tournament.

“Their strengths and potential can be very strong and the team is certainly very strong,” Captain Mahfudh Safi told the ABC.

However, Australian goalkeeper Michelle Carter has described the team as the “best team in the world”.

“The team has all the skills required. From the speed, power and power of the goalkeeper and striker up to the speed of the players,” Carter said.

“They have all got speed and the skill to do things which is difficult for a lot of teams in the world today.

“There are some good players in there and they deserve to be in the world’s top flight.”

Captain Mahfudh Safi in a statement to ABC

During the training camp in Melbourne, Afghanistan played a match against an Australian army team.

“Playing with this team is like playing without having a head coach,” Safi said.

The Afghan women’s football team

The team consists of a number of women who are not professional players.

The team is divided into four teams. Each team is made up of three girls who play in the team and three girls who are substitutes.

When the team first played in Afghanistan in 2006, the team was made up of female coaches and a number of players who were not professional athletes.

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