Bogotá’s “Concept Stores” showcase emerging brands from Colombia’s high-end fashion scene

Bogotá’s “Concept Stores” showcase emerging brands from Colombia’s high-end fashion scene

Bogotá’s ‘Concept Stores’ Showcase Colombia’s Emerging Brands

With over 500 stores in operation, Bogotá’s “concept stores” showcase emerging brands from Colombia’s booming high-end fashion scene.

Named after a French word meaning “inventive,” concept stores are retail spaces designed to make customers experience the products on your own. The space is designed to make customers feel more like a customer and less like a visitor on your property, a new way to engage in a retail space. According to Feads, concept stores are becoming more popular with retailers due to a decrease in foot traffic, a growing international consumer base and an overall shift away from spending on impulse purchases.

The concept stores’ design was designed to be a modern space with a clean vibe and inviting layouts as well as a collection of creative stores that showcase new and emerging brands.

“We wanted the stores to feel more like stores,” said Gabriel D’Souza, President at Feads. “We wanted them to feel unique and different and wanted to include these new and emerging brands that are very important to the Bogotá scene.”

Each of the “Concept Stores” include a private dining area, private meeting area for fashionistas by the entrance to the store, and a gallery in each store that showcases both the clothes and artwork of the owners. Bogotá has seen a huge growth in the fashion scene not only in Colombia but in the world as a whole. Bogotá and Colombia have experienced a major boom in fashion in the last few years.

Colombia is now one of the world’s top fashion destinations to visit each year. Bogota is home to some of world’s richest fashionistas including David Beckham, Cara Delevigne, and many other celebs and models. With over 500 stores in operation in the Bogotá “concept stores” showcase. Colombia is a hub for emerging fashion brands and designers. In total, fashion exports from Colombia reached US$ 2.7 billion last year. This growth could also be attributed to the growing consumer base. “Colombia’s consumer base is very active,

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