Democrat candidate for president – the Los Angeles Times

Democrat candidate for president - the Los Angeles Times

Endorsement: Karen Bass for Los Angeles mayor – the Los Angeles Times “Karen Bass has long been considered the city’s most influential and effective civic leader. Elected mayor of Los Angeles in 2011, she has worked diligently for the people of her city. This year, she will be the only Democrat on the Los Angeles City Council. I endorse Karen Bass for Los Angeles mayor.”

Ralph Nader for U.S. Senate – the Huffington Post “I endorse you, Ralph, I support you and will be there to help when you need my help.”

Bob Lutz for U.S. Senate – the Huffington Post “The people of California do not expect that their mayor, who is serving as the state’s chief executive, will get any significant amount of the state’s corporate money to fund projects and programs that improve the lives of the people. I therefore endorse Bob Lutz for a seat on the U.S. Senate.”

Nominate candidates – the People’s Picket Lines website “Help us organize grassroots candidates for city council, school board, mayors’ races and school board races in Los Angeles County, which includes the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Burbank, Lancaster, Redondo Beach and other communities in the region. Sign up or nominate candidates to fill available seats on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, or candidates for city council or mayor’s races in the City of Los Angeles.”

Gilliams for president – the Los Angeles Times “I’m not going to tell you that I know everything about running for president of the United States. It’s impossible for anyone to know everything. But I think I know enough to be concerned about the direction this country is taking and to want to have a voice as to the direction it might be taking. I am not a good candidate for president as a supporter of the Democratic party and I know that. But I’m running as a citizen and as a member of the community that lives

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