Dublin, Ireland and World Tour

Dublin, Ireland and World Tour

Read Your Way Through Dublin

I’ve always enjoyed Dublin for the music, the people and definitely the location.

My first visit was more than ten years ago and it was almost as if a different city had been created with the peace, quiet and relaxed atmosphere of Dublin. The contrast between the crowded, noisy, touristy Dublin and the serenity of the countryside in Connemara was astounding.

We stayed in a beautiful old hotel in the heart of the town. The hotel had the feel of a comfortable country house and we felt safe and secure. As was the case during my recent visit I was shocked at how many cars I saw, people were everywhere and it was a busy city. The place felt surreal; I was sure I had been transported to another world.

The next time I went, I got the same sense of tranquillity and I had a completely different experience. This time we stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast and enjoyed every moment of our stay. The beds were comfortable, soft, clean and made me feel instantly at home.

Our host at the bed and breakfast made a point of explaining everything in detail and I was amazed by his wealth of knowledge and his kindness.

The next time we visited we stayed in a wonderful house on a beautiful country road. Even though we didn’t get to spend much time there I felt very relaxed. The house was beautiful from every angle and the gardens provided a perfect escape from the bustle of the city.

It was our first stop on our Ireland and World Tour for our family visit.

The house was warm, friendly, inviting and everything we could possibly need. There was a wonderful swimming pool and we spent countless hours there.

It was great for the boys to take their bikes out into the countryside and ride the many miles to their next destination. Our youngest, Oliver, loved the huge barn and all it had to offer and was completely absorbed by it all.

It was so peaceful here, away from the busy city life and yet still close enough to be a short drive away. The house was well equipped with everything we needed and so close to all the local amenities, there was no problem in making our stay easy and enjoyable. I have never felt more relaxed, rested and at

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