Elon Musk isn’t a genius, thanks to Twitter

Elon Musk isn't a genius, thanks to Twitter

‘RIP Twitter’ and other crazy liberal reactions to Musk’s social media smackdowns

It’s hard to know where to begin. Not only is Elon Musk one of America’s wealthiest men, he’s also on Twitter, and Twitter in recent years has gotten quite a few people into trouble with it. Some of those folks, like former presidential candidate Herman Cain, have apologized, while others (like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg) kept tweeting without apology.

Musk, like many of us, has had to grow accustomed to these tweets, which are often so extreme we end up having to double down on where we stand. He posted a picture of a solar roof he claims “cost $30 million.” “I love when people ask me how much it costs me to launch rockets every time I get a question about how much it costs me to buy a car,” he wrote.

Musk’s followers loved every word of that, and have since demanded he go to Mars, buy a Tesla and build a space colony.


In the years since he started using Twitter, he’s been asked if he needs to buy an island, build a wall around the Earth and eat the planet, if he needs to take over the world, and if he’s a genius. But those are all questions that Musk has dodged with an answer of his own choosing, whether it’s the answer to whether he needs to go to Mars, or whether he needs to fix his car, or whether he needs to fix the world.

Of course, there are some things that Twitter is completely unable to answer — the question of whether Musk is a genius. But he isn’t, thanks to Twitter. It’s Twitter’s rules that allow him to behave like an adult, even when he’s acting like a child.

It’s also worth mentioning that Musk’s success as an inventor — and a successful businessperson — has been built on the premise that the people around him can’t possibly make it on their own. It’s one of his ideas that he has been able to sell to his employees, even when that idea wouldn’t sell to anyone else. It is a success story. It’s a story that would not happen without these Twitter-powered questions.

And there was nothing like this in the world before Twitter.


The story of how Musk got on Twitter might go like this: A woman, a reporter and an editor were sitting in a restaurant. The woman saw what

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