Kanye West Is Trying To Take Back $1 Million Dress

Kanye West Is Trying To Take Back $1 Million Dress

Kanye West Faces Costly Fallout From New York City Lawsuit Over $1 million Dress

It has been a stressful few weeks for Kanye West, as he tries to take back a $1 million dress which was bought for his mother but now belongs to an East Coast buyer.

Kanye, who turns 31 years old on Tuesday, is currently in the middle of a series of high-profile legal battles. He’s been in the spotlight to varying degrees over the past two years for his controversial fashion sense.

His latest legal drama started in December, when Kim Kardashian filed a lawsuit against West in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming that West hadn’t given her the proper consent to wear the $1 million off-the-shoulder dress she wore to the Met Gala.

He countersued, claiming that he had the proper consent, and therefore didn’t have to pay her the $9 million she alleged he owes him.

The parties settled the lawsuit in February, and West now has to pay Kim $10 million to relinquish the dress.

Now news has come out that West might owe more money for the dress than he originally admitted. The New York Post is reporting that West borrowed $1 million from a loan shark, and now owes at least $1 million more to the lender.

According to a report over at TMZ, the lender, identified as Adam Goldstein, told The New York Post that he’s been trying to collect the debt for months, going so far as to speak with West numerous times. But West apparently didn’t even tell him that there was a lawsuit.

Goldstein claims that he has no idea why West never contacted him, and asked him to send the money back to him. However, the report notes that Kanye has claimed in court that he gave Goldstein his personal debit card to pay, stating that it was “for personal use and not business”.

“Kanye West’s financial struggles have been

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