Ryan Reynolds isn’t talking about X2 — but about the X-Film sequel

Ryan Reynolds isn’t talking about X2 — but about the X-Film sequel

First Wolverine, now a ‘Deadpool’ Christmas movie? Ryan Reynolds strikes again

Just days after an early-season announcement about a ‘Deadpool’ movie, Ryan Reynolds has spoken up — but only about his own movie, not about the more widely-anticipated X-Film sequel.

After a month filled with hints and rumors about a prequel — most of which were about a ‘Deadpool’ movie— Ryan Reynolds finally gave us a clear statement of his involvement in a movie, but he didn’t speak about the studio’s plans.

“I have no comment right now,” Reynolds told Deadline about Deadpool 2, Marvel Studios’ long-awaited sequel to the popular blockbuster Deadpool. “I’ll let you know when I get something to you.”

Marvel’s Kevin Feige said he didn’t know about Reynolds until the actor called him out of the blue — and he told me the same, calling my questions “anonymous” and “unfair.” So I asked, for the record, whether he was indeed talking about X2 — or Deadpool 2.

“I’m not in the know so I don’t know about that particular project,” he responded.

Well, then… if Feige thinks Reynolds isn’t talking about X-Men: Apocalypse, that must mean they’re still talking about Deadpool 2.

Of course, it isn’t like Fox wasn’t thinking about Deadpool 2 — though it did have plans to make a new X-film before they could focus on the sequel.

On October 2, the studio announced that it had picked up a movie rights to The Deadpool Sequel. But the announcement came two days after the actor’s initial response.

Here’s what we know right now: Reynolds took to Twitter to discuss his role in the X-Film, which, if it remains as is, should be the movie to

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