SEN. DE SANTIS: “I stand with the victims. I was at the forefront of…

SEN. DE SANTIS: “I stand with the victims. I was at the forefront of...

DeSantis Campaign Video Hints at National Aims and Draws Trump’s Ire


We’ve got a presidential election coming up, and it’s important to know who we’re voting for. With an active campaign and some controversial positions, it’s only fitting that someone who has never held public office would be featured here. DeSantis is best-known for his controversial comments in the past – he once called for the death penalty for LGBT people and once said that women who wear “sexy clothing” should be shot in the head. But after winning the governor’s race, he has taken a step back and is focusing his campaign on the issues important to voters in South Florida.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this issue and, by the way, I did not use the word “nude” in my original interview with him so there’s a difference.

“I’ve never spoken out against the Second Amendment. But I want more people to be able to defend themselves.”

In other words, people like the Florida native.

“Here is what I’ve learned from talking to people who have lost and gotten shot: People who are defending themselves are going to get shot.”

If you know someone who’s been shot?

“Then you have to consider whether you stand with them or you stand with the shooter.”

But as a prosecutor, his views are different.

“I stand with the victims. I was at the forefront of bringing mandatory minimums down in Miami-Dade. I know whereof I speak.”

I’m looking at your past remarks about LGBT people. You said:

“What I was trying to make clear was this is a civil right and not a civil right and I think the people who are arguing about whether or not gay marriage is in some way a civil right, I think it’s an individual opinion and that’s their business.”

Let me ask you this: Why in the world would you say that gay marriage is not a civil right?

“Well I think we have

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