Stanford University Plans to Expand its Dining Hall

Stanford University Plans to Expand its Dining Hall

Stanford looks to expand onto campus of nearby Catholic university with new dining hall


Stanford University announced Monday, Aug. 16, it plans to build a new dining hall and expand its existing dining hall on its main campus in Palo Alto, Calif.

The changes would be made next year on the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, Calif., and would result in the creation of the first private dining hall at Stanford, and the second in the United States.

The expansion, expected to cost at least $40 million, would allow Stanford to serve nearly double the number of students on campus who receive meals-on-wheels, a program that allows students to get free meals in their classrooms.

Stanford currently has a number of food services, but only one dining hall serving all of its dining students (including the graduate students and the undergraduates who pay for their meals).

“This is a historic moment for Stanford,” said President John Hennessy. “We’re making a monumental investment in its future. This dining hall is a reflection of our ongoing transformation and our commitment to building an education that prepares students for the world.”

The expanded campus dining hall will be called the Dining Hall, with a capacity of 600 students. Stanford’s current dining hall (on the fifth floor of the Memorial Row building) will be renamed the Food and Dining Hall, and will be expanded with a second food service and additional meeting and conference space.

The campus dining hall was originally built in 1957 and was named the Memorial Row Dining Hall. In 2013, the University transferred the building to the Student Association and set out to renovate the space. Since then, the campus dining hall has been renovated several times, according to a University statement at the time. The new Dining Hall will be located on the second floor of the Memorial Row space, with a capacity of 330 students.

“We are excited to have found such an important facility on our campus, and we are thrilled to work with the Student

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