The FBI’s “Missing” of the Denver Shooter

The FBI’s “Missing” of the Denver Shooter

Who is Anderson Lee Aldrich, suspect in mass shooting at Colorado gay nightclub? After many questions surrounding the shooting, many more have been posed than answered.

Early Monday, a gunman walked into a crowded gay nightclub in downtown Denver. According to the victim, this man, Anderson Lee Aldrich, made a scene, walked out, pulled an all-but-automatic weapon on other patrons, and opened fire killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. He then turned the gun on himself.

Despite repeated media requests, and multiple visits by FBI agents, officials have refused to comment on Aldrich, or his motives, or whether he was on the FBI’s radar.

On Monday, the suspect is on the loose, a “clear priority” for the FBI and many law enforcement agencies across the country, an official involved in the investigation told the Denver Post.

And, in a phone interview with The Daily Beast after the massacre, Colorado Department of Public Safety (DPS) Director Pete Carey said, “It’s our job to protect the public, and that’s what we’re doing here. We have to take that seriously, just like we take all threats seriously.”

So, whose job is it to protect the public? If the gunman had used a weapon of mass destruction (WMD), as has been widely reported, why wasn’t an investigation launched within hours of the massacre?

The same people who refused to even say the gunman’s name, refused to even say that he was in fact a former U.S. Air Force officer known as “the Denver shooter,” and refused to confirm whether he carried explosives, have now revealed that he was an ex-member of the U.S. Air Force, with a history of mental instability, and a history of domestic terrorism, all of which, according to the feds, could have put him in the FBI’s crosshairs.

Aldrich is believed to be the suspect in the deadly shooting of 12 people at a gay nightclub in Denver on Sunday, according to Denver police.

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