The Final Four of The Reality Show

The Final Four of The Reality Show

They came up with plans to prevent suicide and tackle climate change. Then on Day 4 of the reality TV challenge came a final twist…

The four women who had qualified for the season’s finale were introduced to the judges after several hours of talking about their experiences, and about what they wished they had been asked to do back in the first episode. After hearing their stories, they had some very good ideas: one idea was that the final two women be in charge of the “sustainability” panel. And one final idea was that the women spend the duration of the four-day competition living in the same house, making sure both of them don’t miss their chance at getting an opportunity to be on the program.

The first two female contestants didn’t appear to like that idea. The first suggested they “steal the show,” so that they could spend more time being judged. The second told the producers that the show was too hard a challenge and that by having the final two women compete, they weren’t getting the “real” show. So the producers gave them a compromise: the house was to be divided into two halves — a “sustainability” camp and a “reality” camp. And both would be judged separately, with one team competing at once and the other getting a chance to win a day off (the reality team would have to stay at the house all day, too).

The two teams each had to think of one person to put in place as their leader. The first team to recruit someone for their team had to come up with a $1 million total budget to pay for their first season of the show, which would be about $1 million shy of their $1.3 million goal. The second team had to come up with $250,000, which they thought was reasonable, given the amount of work they had done getting ready to take part in the reality TV show.

As they sat down to decide who would lead their camp, the producers took a break to chat with them about the importance of their task and asked them a couple of questions about what they wanted to accomplish during the season: what they wanted to talk about, what they wanted to spend the day doing, and how they wanted to spend the night. They asked all of that because “the show” meant that their time would be spent answering questions, and that in the final episode, they were going to be asked to answer questions.

In any event, the two

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