The Florida Elections Report: 2,037,072 Votes Cast

The Florida Elections Report: 2,037,072 Votes Cast

GOP holds 9-to-1 edge over Democrats among newly registered Florida voters

Republican front-runner Donald Trump wins the most votes among new voters in Florida, while Democrat Hillary Clinton wins the most votes among voters with two or more years of residency. (All numbers for this story were provided by the Florida Division of Elections.)

In Florida’s presidential election on Tuesday, President Obama captured the most votes in Florida with 55.9% of the vote. The Republican Party of Florida held an edge in new voters with 54.9%, while the Democratic Party registered more voters who have two or more years of residency, which gave the Democratic Party a 9-to-1 edge.

The Florida Division of Elections is reporting 2,037,072 votes were cast in the presidential and the mayoral races, a 7.7%, a slight increase from the presidential primary election on January 21. This is the largest number of votes cast since 2000.

Clinton and Trump both have a commanding lead with new voters, with Trump having secured the most votes with 1,742,053 and Clinton with 1,567,764. The Republican Party had a stronger edge with 1,077,311 votes compared to 961,542 for the Democratic Party. In other words, more than a quarter of the new voters have made up their minds to vote for the Republican Party.

Trump’s lead over Clinton is smaller among voters with two or three years of residency, and they have a much narrower margin. At 44.5% for Clinton, and 39.3% for Trump, the Republican Party holds a lead of just 42,500 votes over the Democratic Party.

In the presidential race, Obama won Florida with 55.7% of the vote. He was bested by New York Senator upstate New York Democrat Hillary Clinton with 46.6% of the vote.

In the mayoral race, incumbent Mayor of Miami Dade County Manny Diaz, who succeeded the first African American mayor ever elected in the United States, has defeated former Miami Dolphins quarterback Billy Turner.

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