The Los Angeles Police Department

The Los Angeles Police Department

The ‘Bad Sisters’ cast on the liberating joys of attempted murder

Daphne Zahn was thrilled to have a role in “Bad Sister,” which she says was meant to be “very, very different from anything that I’ve ever done.” Photo: John W. Poole/NBC

In the fall of 2009, while sitting on a porch in the Hollywood Hills with her husband, Scott, and her children, a man rang the doorbell, identified himself as a police officer and invited them in for a cup of tea. He said he had a few questions. He did not use the term “interview.”

“He asked me about my children, my work, everything,” Scott remembers. “He just sat there and drank his tea.” The man was from the Los Angeles Police Department. He asked Scott about her daughter and said he liked her the way she looked. She asked him if he had children. He said he did not. He asked if she was married. She said no, she was not. She asked if he had children. He said yes. She asked if he had kids with his wife. He said he did not. She asked, in the nicest voice he could manage, if he had a wife and children, and he replied by answering the doorbell. He held out a business card: “The Los Angeles Police Department,” he said, “interviewing.”

Scott said he didn’t quite know what the police officer was talking about. Her husband was a filmmaker and a painter, and had recently completed a short movie that received a standing ovation that day in the Los Angeles Theatre of the Arts. Scott has known them all for more than two decades, and he liked them. He said he knew that she was a painter and had a daughter who was getting a degree in art, and that she had a lot of friends, people she felt were friendly.

As the police officer drank her tea, the conversation turned to her children,

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