The Show’s New Challenges: The Show’s New Challenges

The Show's New Challenges: The Show's New Challenges

‘Jeopardy!’ lost points with fans after this ‘unnecessarily morbid’ clue

Somewhat surprisingly, the contestants will reveal answers via clues which were selected to make the show fun, rather than depressing.

The clues will be revealed via a video montage, which will have a variety of answers, including “You can’t be bothered with the questions,” “There’s a point to this,” “Life is good,” and “If you think life is bad now, wait until you die.”

In his show’s first week, host Alex Trebek scored the series’ longest-ever win on October 26, 2010 – for a trick that involved putting his arm through the board’s letter space.

In the first round of Monday’s show, Trebek played a four-question game where he had to choose two questions that were both true and both of them were the answer to both.

His four contestants, including two women, correctly answered only one question, but that still helped him win $50,000.

Trebek described his success as “surreal” afterwards: “I’ll definitely be taking some lessons from that in the future.”

And while the show’s ratings dipped in the second week, he was still up by a point over his first week.

While the contestants’ answers were certainly not “positive”, the show has found a successful balance in its first season – albeit one which has been criticised by its fans.

Trebek has previously talked about how there will be “some dark moments” in the show.

Last year, his co-hosts said he would become a “dinosaur” if he wasn’t still on the show after he revealed that he thought he had died in a car crash.

The show also recently revealed that one contestant was going to have to return home from America, so he could help raise money for a children’s hospital.

The show’s last winner was a man who answered four of the first six questions correctly – although he lost the final.

Trebek says that while the show has a few dark points, he doesn’t think they are “that dark” and still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

The show will return with yet another new clue on Saturday night.

However, it has been confirmed that the clue is

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