The Story of Camp Roberts

The Story of Camp Roberts

After nearly 200 years, the Tongva community has land in Los Angeles County

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This is an old story, but a very close and happy one.

This is the story of two Tongva tribal members who ended up in each other’s arms a very long time ago.

They were in each other’s arms over land that would have been theirs had they gone to war when they were children. As teenagers, they would have fought for decades over the land their ancestors had died defending. They would have fought like the warriors who took their people’s home away.

They would have fought for their honor and maybe for their heritage.

There is something beautiful about the strength of the love a family can hold for each other when a person doesn’t even know the other person exists. A long time ago in Los Angeles County, two Tongva teenagers were lovers.

The story of them, and their heritage, is one of the most important and beautiful stories you can ever read about the Tongva people.

And if the story is interesting to you, you may want to listen to the story of their land. It is called Camp Roberts — and it’s located on the Tongva tribal land in Los Angeles County.

Camp Roberts, the home of the Tongva people, was the summer home of the only Tongva people in the United States, the Tl’a-Hina band. This was in the 1940s. The Tl’a-Hina band was a small group of people who lived on the Tongva land in Los Angeles County.

The Tongva people were in a difficult position. They were poor, and had no money to improve their lives.

The Tongva people lived in an

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